Dried Fish

Dried fish is a traditional Japanese food that preserves the umami (good flavor) of the fish.
After a fish is caught, its internal organs are removed. It is placed in brine made from Japanese origin, sun-dried salt and then dried for a few hours in a temperature controlled drying room. Once the surface is dry, the product is ready.

SeaLife confirms the freshness of every dried fish then quickly processes each one by hand.
No additives of any kind are used and the fish’s mild saltiness makes it very easy to eat.

Since the fish is dried for just a short time, its meat is plump, tender and juicy.

※Black-throat sea perch (nodoguro) drying

How to Eat

Please grill the fish on both sides to achieve a light brown color then enjoy.
We offer a variety of freshly dried fish according to each season, including black-throat sea perch (nodoguro), Japanese horse mackerel (aji), righteye flounder (karei), sea bream (tai), chub mackerel (saba) and squid.

Seasoned Dried Fish (Mirin Dried Fish)

This is a traditional delicacy (a snack enjoyed with alcohol) that has been handed down through the generations in Shimane Prefecture.
The fish is cut thin by hand and soaked in a salty-sweet mirin (sweet rice wine) sauce before being set out to dry.
The fish is marinated for seven days and then dried for three to ensure that it is adequately seasoned and flavored.

This fish pairs well with beer and Japanese sake and is particularly popular with men.
Grill the fish gently until each side is lightly browned and enjoy it while it is still hot.
We offer this product in six varieties: black-throat sea perch (nodoguro), blow fish (fugu), squid, righteye flounder (karei), sea bream (tai) and octopus.

※Seasoned dried black-throat sea perch (nodoguro)
※Seasoned black-throat sea perch (nodoguro) drying

Canned Products

SeaLife also offers its own original canned food products.
*We have our own canning facility on site at our factory.

Our canned products are made using our original canning liquid that contains just a few grams of natural salt, allowing each ingredient to retain its natural flavors.
We select only the freshest and best fish from each day’s catch then produce only a limited number of cans each day.
Our canned products are good for up to three years when stored at room temperature, making them suitable for use as emergency rations as well.

They can be opened and enjoyed immediately or you can use them as ingredients in prepared dishes.
Preparation Ideas: pasta, acqua pazza (Italian poached fish), hors d’oeuvres, etc.

Packed in Water: black-throat sea perch (nodoguro), Japanese horse mackerel (aji), righteye flounder (karei) and chub mackerel (saba)
Stewed in Soy Sauce: black-throat sea perch (nodoguro)
Stewed in Miso: black-throat sea perch (nodoguro)
Packed in Oil: black-throat sea perch (nodoguro)

※Canned products being processed
※Finished canned products
※Canning process
※Canning factory staff