An Introduction of the Fish Used in Our Products

Donchichi Brand

The three most popular fish at Hamada Port in Shimane Prefecture are Japanese horse mackerel (aji), black-throat sea perch (nodoguro) and righteye flounder (karei).
The Donchichi brand was created to distinguish the high-quality fish of these varieties that satisfy certain fishing season, size and fat content standards and it is highly regarded within Japan.

どんちっちロゴマーク ※Donchichi brand logo

For example, Japanese horse mackerel marketed in Japan contains an average of 3.5% fat content but Donchichi brand fish for this same variety has more than a 10-15% fat content.
This makes it clear what a high-quality product Donchichi fish is, even in Japan where the standards are already very high.

Black-Throat Sea Perch (Nodoguro)

SeaLife focuses on this fish and purchases about sixty tons of it each year.
We take pride in offering one of the highest amounts of this product domestically.

※Black-Throat Sea Perch (nodoguro)

What is Nodoguro?

This fish’s proper name is black-throat sea perch or rosy sea bass.
Since its throat is black, the fish is well known in Shimane Prefecture’s Hamada City by its nickname “nodoguro” or black throat.
Because only a small number of these fish are caught, black-throat sea perch rivals Hokkaido’s broadbanded thornyhead (kinki) as a very highly valued Japanese fish.
Its normal season is winter to spring but at the Hamada port, fatty black-throat sea perch is caught from autumn through spring.

※Black-Throat Sea Perch

Reasons for Its Popularity

This white fish is light yet full of flavor yet its fat content rivals that of fatty tuna and salmon, spreading a delicious taste throughout your mouth.

This fish is only found in the Sea of Japan and it is a high-class fish that can only be eaten in traditional luxury restaurants and specialist shops in Tokyo.
It also has a versatile flavor and is delicious in a variety of dishes including sashimi (raw sliced fish), sushi, dried fish, stewed fish and hotpot.

Fresh Fish

Fixed shore nets and line fishing in the areas near Hamada port yield very fresh fish.

※Fresh fish